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Original Factory​​​​​​​

SPC Flooring Premium floors are not only looking like real solid wood, they feel like it.


Thanks to our perfectly established top layers, you will experience all details and structure when you touch the material.

Quality Control

You will notice the remarkable overall layout in differences between the boards, which provide the most natural look a floor can visually establish.

Customized Design

Yaşamınızdaki tüm unsurlara ihtiyaç duyduğunuzda, SPC Flooring koleksiyonuna bir göz atın. Burada, harika bir zeminin özü için tüm unsurların harika renklerde bir araya getirildiğini bulacaksınız.

Spc Flooring Hot Selling Flooring

Whenever you have the need to have all of the elements in your living, just give a look in the Spc Flooring collection. In here you will find all the elements brought together in wonderfull colors for the essence of a great floor. In the most perfect and efficient way you will have a great floor in your own habitat.

Sourcing Floorings From Spc Flooring

For Flooring Wholesalers

At Spc Flooring we insist on delivering the highest quality of product and service levels to all our clients. Having experienced this, our customers return to us time and time again. We are proud of our first class reputation. You can be assured that this attention to detail and commitment continues throughout all of our processes.

For Contractors & Property Developers

We ensure our customers to deliver quality work. Get guaranteed customer satisfaction from us and build a strong customer relationship with our company.

For Building Material Supermarkets

Get your project or job done within our estimated time frame. We will deliver the quality material and expert team members to hand over your required work on time.

Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

Spc Flooring helps our clients increase market share, create more margin and more innovative technology and services.

SPC – Solid polymer core, denser and has additional benefits due to its stiffness. Dimensionally stable, but can get louder without the pads attached or installed. Solid polymer cores, unlike plastics and PVC, use stone or cement materials as the base. The SPC core is fairly strong and hard, making it able to withstand scratches and dents exceptionally well.

SPC floors are layered in much the same way as other types of luxury vinyl floors. *The mentioned SPC core layer provides increased durability and serves as the foundation for the rest of the floor. * Design layers can mimic almost any color or pattern of stone or wood floors. *The abrasion resistant layer acts as a protective layer, protecting the floor from minor damage (i.e. it is a dent and scratch resistant floor covering).

There’s a reason many top vinyl plank flooring brands use SPC: it’s easily one of the most durable flooring options. And none of these are as comfortable as the SPC, which still retains some of the comfort offered by a normal LVP. Additionally, the best SPC floors have a high-quality wear layer that provides excellent scratch and dent resistance. So if you’re looking for the best dog, cat or messy puppy flooring, SPC flooring is for you.